Volunteer Opportunities on Municipal Development Committee

Please see email sent by James DuPrie, Chair of the newly formed YCRC Municipal Development Committee, which you should have received on 12/30/22. If you are interested in being a member, have questions or feedback, or did not receive this email, please let James know at jbn.duprie@gmail.com, or call (603) 765-5532.

Upcoming January Committee Meetings

JANUARY 2023 Saco Republican Town Committee MeetingTuesday January 24th, 6:30 pmDyer Library, 371 Main St., SacoThis meeting of the Saco GOP is being called to elect a new chair and other officers. Following the election, the agenda will focus on the mission, organization, goals, and objectives of the Saco Republican Town Committee. To find out … Read more

The U.S. Economy

State Representative Jonathan Kinney

Back in November 2020, gasoline and home heating oil were both under $2.00 per gallon. On Inauguration Day in 2021, Joe Biden signed a multitude of Executive Orders, the worst one being the killing the Keystone Pipeline. Many of Biden’s other Executive Orders were also designed to cripple energy production in the United States.

2022 GOP Candidate Recruitment

State Representative Jonathan Kinney

The Executive Committee of the York County Republican Committee had a very busy winter. As a a result of a team effort, we have good candidates for most of our 23 Maine House seats and all of our six State Senate seats!

Maine State House Redistricting

State Representative Jonathan Kinney

Hello Fellow York County Republicans! The redistricting in the State of Maine is complete. This is our chance to build back better. The number of House Districts in York County has increased to twenty three. Our team has a number of candidates penciled in to run, but we are certainly looking for more. If you … Read more

U.S. Senate Bill S.1

State Representative Jonathan Kinney

Democratic leaders, as well as a steady stream of letters to Maine newspapers, have characterized U.S. Senate Bill S.1 as vital to preserve our democracy. They claim it is about voting rights, but a closer examination of the bill reveals that it is actually a partisan assault on our elections.

The Situation on the Texas-Mexico Border

State Representative Jonathan Kinney

There are a few of my friends who are aware that I spend a great deal of my vacation time in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. On my last trip there, I was troubled by the fact that, other than the one hundred mile check point, I saw no U.S. Border Patrol agents present.