Thoughts on Impeachment

Dear Fellow Republicans:

As we all know, the U.S. House has voted to impeach the President for doing nothing wrong. But thank heaven there are a few political motives that have been brought to light by this process:

• In that Vice President Biden did conduct a Quid Pro Quo. His son gained a vast amount of financial gain from Ukraine, as well as from China.

• That the Vice President did, in a public meeting, announce that “Ukraine fire the prosecutor or you are not getting the billion bucks.”

Earlier this week, I further learned that, while Joe Biden was still a Senator from Delaware, it was reported that his son was receiving funds from MBNA, whom I believe still had large operations in Maine, but who’s main office was located in the banking capital of Delaware.

Why would anyone want to put an individual like Joe Biden back into the White House, who is going to set up shady deals so his family members can financially benefit from him being President?


Jonathan Kinney, Chair
York County Republican Committee