The U.S. Economy

Back in November 2020, gasoline and home heating oil were both under $2.00 per gallon. On Inauguration Day in 2021, Joe Biden signed a multitude of Executive Orders, the worst one being the killing of the Keystone Pipeline. Many of Biden’s other Executive Orders were also designed to cripple energy production in the United States. These ignorant actions started an increase in inflation, affecting every economic market in our economy, so much so that on January 1, 2022, Social Security rose 5.9% to deal with inflation. Fortunately during this time frame, Biden’s Build Back Broke bill failed, saving six trillion more dollars from being printed.

From January through May of this year, the Federal Reserve met to discuss and try to tackle inflation. Their answer was to raise interest rates. Meanwhile, the monthly Consumer Price Index (CPI) has increased to over 8%. To further harm our economy, in May of this year Biden signed another Executive Order to shut down more oil drilling leases in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska. Meanwhile during White House Press Conferences, the Biden Administration blames President Trump for inflation and our current economic woes. What was Biden’s response? “I can taste your pain”. The Biden/Democrats Plan to relieve our preset inflation pain is to TAX AND SPEND.

There is a simple fix to our present inflation and out of control economic situation: return to the Trump energy plan and regulations that were in effect as of November of 2020. If this was to happen, the CPI would shrink, interest rate hikes would stop and heating oils (as well as all other fuel prices) would come back down to reasonable levels.

My opinion is the Democratic Party wants ALL Americans to be no more than poor peasants, remaining in rental unit housing. Even here in Maine, Democrats in the Maine Legislature, in the Session’s final minutes, passed LD 2003, which will destroy local growth ordinances throughout our State, allowing for peasant housing and plantations to be hastily constructed.

Simple solution to all this: VOTE REPUBLICAN!

Best Regards,

Jonathan Kinney
York County Republican Committee