The Situation on the Texas-Mexico Border

To the citizens of York County:

There are a few of my friends who are aware that I spend a great deal of my vacation time in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas. On my last trip there, I was troubled by the fact that, other than the one hundred mile check point, I saw no U.S. Border Patrol agents present.

On the southern border our government maintains border checkpoints at the one hundred mile mark on the major roads. In the case of Highway 77, that check point is the town of Sarita, Texas.

Normally, south of the check point for the past few years, you will see numerous U.S. Border Patrol vehicles. They are located off the main roads, out in the ranch lands, beside the roads, driving slowly in the ditch of the highway or sitting in the median of the road. During different trips, I have seen one Border Patrol vehicle as close as every ten minutes of travel.

While the check points were still manned and are actively working as they always have, what has happened to all the active agents who were working between the border and the check points? Are they all moved to the border directly? Or has the current Presidential Administration instructed them to stop doing their job?

I was pleased to hear that some border wall construction has started back up in the McAllen, Texas area. Now, lets please get back to reinforcing our current laws in regard to the border and stop this Biden science project of open borders!


Jonathan Kinney, Chairman
York County Republican Committee