The 2022 Property Tax Stabilization Program

Hello citizens of York County Maine:

As a Select Board member in the town of Limington, I have been very outspoken and concerned about property tax increases.

State Senator Trey Stuart (R) introduced a bill called the Property Tax Stabilization Program (PTSP) in the last legislative session that has now become law. It will be of assistance moving forward regarding the amount of property taxes you may owe. The PTSP will freeze your property taxes for your primary residence, commencing in 2023, at 2022 levels.

One member of the household must be age 65 or older. You must have claimed homestead exemption for the past ten (10) years as of April 1st of the upcoming year. If your homestead has changed during the ten-year period, enter the full address of any prior homestead and the years it was your homestead. The ten year period is not required to be consecutive.

The application for 2023 (pictured below) can be submitted to your town or city hall starting August 8, 2022 and must be submitted by December 1, 2022 to be eligible for the rebate.

For a copy of the application, please either visit your town/city hall or get in touch with your Republican-elected State Representative or State Senator.

Thank You!

Jonathan Kinney, Chair
York County Republican Committee

Property Tax Stabilization Program application form