Please Welcome Our New YCRC Chairman!

As I end my chairmanship of the York County Republican Committee, I want to take a moment and thank all our supporters who donated and assisted the York County Republicans over the past two years.

I congratulate Mike Conway of Acton for running and winning our December election for Chairman of the York County Republican Committee. Mike is taking on the Chairmanship with abundance of leadership experience that will continue to move the Republican Party forward on the York County level. Please give Mike your fullest support possible over the next two years as he leads our County Republican Committee.

As I contemplate our current situation in Maine and throughout the country, I encourage people to write and call all politicians, regardless of party or jurisdiction, and tell them what you feel they are doing wrong or doing well. I encourage U.S. Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul to please hold people accountable and fight for our country, to find the truth in regard to this past Presidential election. In addition, help fund other candidates if you can. I personally like helping Lieutenant Commander Dan Crenshaw (USN RET), as I feel he will use my money to fund conservatives candidates to regain control of the U.S. House.

Please don’t give up! The Democrats Have Wall Street, Hollywood and rich executives who throw them millions of dollars to sway the poor and less-understanding citizens of our country to vote for them. We have hard working Middle Class Americans and blue collar workers helping our cause. Please, let’s take the fight to them and win our country back!

Best Regards,

Jonathan Kinney
Immediate Past Chair, York County Republican Committee
State Committee Executive Member and State Committee Member at Large