On to an Election Day Victory!

Hello York County Republicans,

We are down to fewer than two weeks to reach our goal of a Republican sweep on Election Day. To all who contributed to our organization or who attended our events during the past two years, a sincere THANK YOU!

Our York County GOP Executive Committee is still receiving a lot of questions on rank choice voting (RCV). If you are still unsure about exactly what RCV is, please visit: www.mainegop.com/rcv.

As you enter the polling booth and you glance at your ballot, remember that directions should be posted in the booth in front of you. If in doubt about how to vote, read the instructions. Another tip: vote one person and done, to ensure that you have voted properly.

We still have a couple tasks that each of us must do:

  1. Vote and get your friends and neighbors to vote as well.
  2. Poll watching. The Trump Campaign is working on poll watchers and so is the Collins team. The Executive Committee is now working on collecting a list of our poll watchers. If you are interested in helping us with this task, please reach out to us and let us know. Once you have let us know you want to help with this important job, some emails will be coming to your email inbox with more information.

Take care and many thanks for all that you do for our York County Republican Committee!

Jonathan Kinney, Chairman
York County Republican Committee
Tel. 207-205-6666