Maine’s Partisan Majority Budget

Hello York County Citizens:

Regardless of your party affiliation, I am urging all registered voters to write your Maine Legislators that represent your home town and urge them to vote NO on the partisan majority budget.

Normally a budget is hundreds of pages. This budget is a one-page document, that is nothing more than a concept draft that totals $8.3 billion, with no details as to what it is funding.

If this majority concept budget passes, the legislature will adjourn by April 1st, so the concept draft can go into effect in 90 days on July 1st. The legislature will then reconvene and and pass a slew of supplemental budgets out of each committee that will go into effect on or about October 1st

All the above will take place without Republican support, in a one-party-rule manner. These were the concerns of the York County Republican Party last summer, which is why we mailed thousands of Restore the Balance of Power in Augusta postcards to independent voters, urging them to vote for Republican candidates. This did not happen and the only power Republican and independent voters now have left is to email our representatives and demand they do not allow this sham one-party budget to pass. 

Thank You!

Jon Kinney, Chairman
York County Republican Committee