Maine Democrats: End the Quarantine!

Have you tried to book a flight to travel outside of Maine? Have you researched how many states have a 14-day quarantine?  Well, there are actually three: Maine, Hawaii and Rhode Island. There are other places in this country that are just as remote as Maine; if you travel to these areas, on your return home to Maine you have to stay home for 14 days.

Our Maine citizens who own a commercial lodging business are required to demand 14-day quarantine from out-of-state customers prior to renting their facilities. Maine people are locked down and are not allowed to travel out of state. If healthcare workers in Maine violate this rule, they could lose their job.

Meanwhile, our highways are wide-open for travelers to enter Maine. Just look at the license plates on a Friday night. Visit your community grocery store on a Friday night look at the number of out-of-state plates.

Our Democratic Governor is not punishing non-residents; they come and go with ease. These rules implemented by Governor Mills are punishing Maine people, whether you own a restaurant in southern Maine, a lodging business or just want to visit relatives in some remote part of this country.

Governor Mills: you were elected to serve a Governorship, not a dictatorship!


Jonathan Kinney, Chairman
York County Republicans