LD 822

Hello York County Republicans!

LD 822, An Act to Prohibit the Sale of Motor Fuel Containing More Than 10 Percent Ethanol, was not only unanimously voted out of Committee Ought to Pass, it was passed in the House and Senate without the need for a roll call vote. But Gov Mills, for the first time since becoming governor, chose to ignore the will of her own Democrat House and Senate and vetoed this bill.

Ethanol is terrible for our health and the environment, but Governor Mills put the interests of big businesses like Cumberland Farms above those of the hard-working people of Maine.

And what did most of the York County Democrats in the House do when faced with making the choice to stand by their original support of LD 822, by voting to reconsider the bill and override the Governor’s veto? They caved and deserted what was good for the people, in favor of what was good for their party and let the Governor’s veto stand.

You can find out how your Representative voted HERE and you can tell them what you think about their vote by calling Maine House of Representatives Office of the Clerk at (207) 287-1400 and ask to leave a message.

If Cumberland Farms starts selling 15 percent ethanol, I will not buy any gas from them.  Please call Gov. Mills at (207) 287-3531‬ and voice your opposition.

Jon Kinney, Chair
York County Republicans