Keeping on Until Election Day

Hello Fellow York County Republicans,

The reports of spiking cases of COVID-19 in recent days has The York County Executive Committee very concerned. During our meeting on Thursday night we decided that it would be in the best interest of all Republicans in York County to cancel the county-wide meeting scheduled for Wednesday, September 16 and encourage all town chairs and members to hold local events for that evening instead.

Here are some suggestions for what you can do this week and continue doing until Election Day:

Contact your local candidates and ask if they have any mailings they need help with and offer to assist them. Presently, some town chairs and members are working on YCRC mailings. Please let us know if you would like to help with these mailings. A candidate contact list by district is available or contact your Town Chair to find out what your Town GOP Committee is doing and how you can help. If you don’t know who is the Chair of your town’s GOP Committee, contact me and I’ll let you know.

Flag/Sign waves
Wells GOP/Seacoast Soundings HQ will be holding a Protect the Constitution/Protect The Second Amendment/Re-Elect President Trump sign wave next week on Constitution Day Thursday September 17. Organize a wave in your town or join in the Wells Wave. Please let us know if you want help with getting some Constitution Day or Second Amendment signs for a Trump Wave next week.

Work on Social Media Messaging
Talk to a few people on Wednesday and plan to do something during Constitution Week (September 17-23) to support President Trump’s defense of the Constitution. For example, draft Facebook/Twitter posts and share them far and wide. For example, share articles like this one: and emphasize President Trump is the only candidate who will protect all of the Constitution, including the Second Amendment. Watch for his Proclamation of Constitution Day and share that as well.

Drive a candidate while they go door to door
Contact your local candidates and ask if they could use help with driving or ask us to connect you with candidates outside your district. There are some who could really use some driving help to go door-to-door in their districts and have funds to pay for gas.

Assist candidates with getting signs on private property
Contact your family, friends, and neighbors in your House and Senate district and offer to bring them a sign.

High Priority: Help Maine Clean Election Fund (MCEA) Candidates in your district get more $5 donations
A MCEA candidate can only receive $5 MCEA donations from those in their district, whereas Traditional candidates can receive direct donations from anyone, so please contribute to them as well if you are able. If you have not made a MCEA donation for those candidates yet, do so now by going to Then send this link by email or text to anyone you know in their district and urge them to donate as well. You can also help by going door to door in your neighborhood collecting $5 cash or check donations. Please be sure to check with the candidate you wish to collect for first, so they can give you the proper paperwork for recording these donations.

Hold a Mini-Meeting Planning Session
Gather in a small group either in person or even better if you can by Zoom meeting and invite your local candidate to discuss planned campaign activities, such as door knocking and literature drops.

Look for and alert candidates of upcoming events in your area
Let candidates know of any event that might be helpful for them to attend and if possible, offer to accompany them to make introductions to people you may know. Let us know as well and we will reach out to all appropriate candidates, including Senator Susan Collins and Dr. Jay Allen’s campaign staffs. An eventg like the Obsolete Auto Show on September 19th at the Trailblazers Family Club in Wells from 8 AM to 12 Noon (with Hamburger/Hot Dog lunch available 11 AM to 1 PM) would be excellent. State Senate candidates in your State Senate District could definitely use your help by alerting and/or reminding them of events like this in your town, especially if they do not live there.

Only 51 days until Election Day 2020 Determines the Future of Our Country!

Any and all activity will help us win! Although I wish we could hold a county-wide meeting, please remember that we need to win elections, not create a news story putting our organization in a negative spotlight.

Let’s Roll!

Jon Kinney, Chair
York County Republican Committee