Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day to all!

It was a busy week in York County and we pulled off some great events.

I want to thank all our volunteers, especially James Duclos, who maintains our website and social media! The Sanford Independence Day Parade and Block Party culminated in three days of hard work. Republican volunteers and elected officials took time out of their busy schedule to prepare, attend and participate in making the event successful. The Sanford Republican Committee is working hard to support their candidates. Thanks to the Sanford team. Job well done!

In conclusion, if you’re asking yourself: “Was the Sanford events really a big deal?”, the Democrats must have thought so!  When I turned our York County GOP float into Gowan Park, I saw Sara Gideon and the Democrat House Leadership there. They were all in the Parade in front of us. Out of all the public events going on during Independence Day, she went to Sanford.

As Republicans please, as our summer rolls on, if you have a public event going on in your town, reach out to your Republican elected officials to attend. If you do not have one elected in your District, reach out to the one closest to you and invite them over.

I hope to see you all at our next meeting on Thursday, July 11th in Wells!


Jonathan Kinney, Chair 
York County Republicans