First Session of the 129th Legislature

The first session of the 129th Legislature is over. Our Legislators worked as a team in the minority to stop or lessen the majorities’ attempt to increase regulations and taxes, and to further turn Maine into a Nanny State. To our Republican Legislators: Thank You!

There is still lots of work for our legislators and volunteers. I realize there is little notice; some issues we cannot delay, such as People’s Veto of Vaccination Law.

There is a voter registration Work Shop Taking Place at the Kennebunk Library on July 1 at 6 PM. Stop by and say hi and meet Ben Hincher, who is working on the Trump 2020 campaign.

Sanford Republicans have a booth at the Sanford Block Party, July 3rd from 2 to 10 PM.
Republican are needed to be present in the booth as well as help with activities.
Want to help or be present? Please reach out to Sanford chair Chuck Noble.
His email:

Finally, York County Republicans are preparing and participating in the Sanford July 4 Parade by either walking or riding in the event. The Line Up is at 9 AM. Float construction is on July 2nd at 5 PM. The location is 69 Morrison Rd in Sanford.  More information will be posted on Line Up as we learn more about it. Stay tuned!


Jonathan Kinney
Chair York County Republicans