2019 Maine Peoples Vetoes

2019 List of Maine Peoples Vetoes

Greetings fellow York County Republicans!

Please take a look at the photo of the list of all the Peoples Vetoes, as taken from a local newspaper.

There are many initiatives going on in our state to reverse some of the damage that was done by our present liberal Legislature. Signatures and volunteers are needed throughout the state in order to successfully make this happen.

Are you in southern Maine and just want to sign? Visit or call Sea Coast Soundings at 99 York Street (U.S. Route One) in Wells Maine. Their phone number is 207-468-2395.

The Maine Christian Civic League and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Maine are both active for the Peoples Veto of LD 820 and LD 1313 and are seeking assistance. Please reach out and volunteer with them.

The LD 798 Peoples Veto is well into the signature collection process. Please visit www.veto798maine.com or go to Sea Coast Soundings find out more.

Thanks to all our citizens who have already volunteered.  Thousands of signatures are required or these Peoples Vetoes will not happen.

Thanks for helping!


Jonathan Kinney, Chair
York County Republican Committee